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The race licence issuing authority in the UAE is the ATCUAE (Automobile and Touring Club United Arab Emirates). This Club governs and regulates all Motorsport in the UAE. It is to this Club individuals must apply for any competition licence (whether national or international).

Before you put in your application, however, it is essential that you comply with the requirements of owning a licence. Not only will you need a medical examination and report from a qualified doctor, but you will also need to demonstrate a good knowledge of the rules and safety procedures as well as your competence behind the wheel of a kart. Easy, huh? We’ll see.

This is where the ARKS Test comes in. ARKS stands for the Association of Racing Kart Schools. Instructors and Examiners are qualified and sanctioned by the ATCUAE and are employed to ensure that any individual applying for a licence can enter a race situation and not pose a risk to him/herself, officials or other competitors.

The Test involves some basic instruction from your assigned examiner but, note: you are expected to have at least some background knowledge and experience of racing, safety and Motorsport rules (Race School seems like a good idea now, huh?).

You will then undertake a written test to substantiate your knowledge before the Examiner assesses your skill and competence on track.

Only by passing both elements of the ARKS Test AND by passing your medical exam (authenticated with stamp and signature) will you be able to successfully apply for your National Kart Licence.

[Now, imagine you’ve paid out for your kart, tools, race wear and trailer. You’ve paid for, taken and passed your ARKS Test. Then you fail your medical. Doh! Remember, don’t rush – do things in the right order!]

Booking your ARKS Test


So, after obtaining your application form from the ATCUAE and passing your medical, where/when can you book your ARKS Test?

Well, it just so happens that we can help you out with that one as well.

As a recognised and ATCUAE sanctioned ARKS Testing Centre, Al Ain Raceway runs regular ARKS Test days and employs qualified Instructors who can provide Private Tuition (where necessary) as well as Examiners to carry out the Test itself.

AED 400 per person (includes provision of kart and safety equipment)

AED 300 per person (when driver provides own kart and equipment)

To check forthcoming ARKS Test dates at Al Ain Raceway, or to book, call the Events Management Team on +971 (0) 3 768 6662.

The minimum age for ARKS Test candidates is 8 years.

Check out Al Ain Raceway Kart Club page for Championship Race dates and other relevant information.

The above-mentioned prices are inclusive VAT


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