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Recommended number of drivers 20-300+.

This popular race format is designed specifically for teams and is perfect for team-building exercises and for larger groups aiming to maximise driving time.



Practice/Qualifying (10-60 minutes)

Drivers are split into teams and each team is allocated a race kart for the duration of the event. Driving begins with a timed practice session in which each team member has an opportunity to familiarise him/herself with the circuit, kart and driver changeover procedure.

Race (1-6 hours)

Each team is responsible for selecting a start driver who will position the kart on the starting grid in qualifying order as directed by the Circuit Race Team. Each team then determines their own race strategy from driver changes to fuel stops, the objective being to complete as many laps as possible before the chequered flag falls.

The top 3 teams automatically receive trophies at the award presentation which takes place a few moments after the end of the race.

This format works particularly well for large groups because, while one member of each team is out on track driving, the other team members can be attending to various other things, e.g. discussing tactics, getting the next driver ready to take over (and issuing team orders), catching a breather with some refreshments in our restaurant or driver lounges (which overlook the action) or monitoring team progress either first hand on the terraces or through our race display screens within the 3-tier Driver’s Enclosure.

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