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Super Prix

Super Prix

Recommended number of drivers 10-25.

Similar to the Grand Prix, all Super Prix competitors will be on track simultaneously but the Super Prix is our premium individual-based race event and has been devised for drivers wishing to spend a little longer mastering the twists and turns of one of our challenging circuits.



Qualifying (10 minutes)

Each driver is allocated his/her own race kart and will first compete in a preliminary 10 minute qualifying session. This initial outing allows all racers to familiarise themselves with both kart and circuit before posting their “qualifying” lap time which will then determine the starting positions for Race 1 (the quickest individual lap of the session secures Pole Position).

Race 1 (20 minutes)

After lining up in qualifying order, drivers are then released from the grid by the start light signals and each competitor battles to complete as many laps as possible before the chequered flag brings an end to Race 1 after 20 minutes.

Race 2 (20 minutes)

After a short break, Race 2 begins with drivers starting from the position in which they finished Race 1. Points are awarded in each race according to finishing position (the better the finish the more points awarded) and trophies are presented on the podium to the competitors with the highest points totals.

Indy Circuit
indy circuit
Club Circuit
Club Circuit
International Circuit
Intl Circuit
AED 4,000 up to 10 DriversAED 4,000 up to 10 DriversAED 7,000 up to 15 Drivers
Extra Drivers AED 350 eachExtra Drivers AED 350 eachExtra Drivers AED 400 each
Maximum 25 DriversMaximum 25 DriversMaximum 25 Drivers

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