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Super Heats

Sprint Heats

Recommended number of drivers 25-100.

This exciting format is ideal for larger groups who wish to compete against one another on an individual basis in an elimination competition.



Practice (5 minutes)

Before the competitive racing begins, drivers will first participate in a mandatory 5 minute practice session. This initial outing allows all racers some time to familiarise themselves with both kart and circuit.

3 x Qualifying Heats (5 km each)

Each driver will take part in 3 qualifying Heats which will be run over a distance of approximately 5 km (International Circuit 3 laps; Club Circuit 5 laps; Indy Circuit 6 laps). Our advanced race timing system automatically determines starting positions for each Heat in order to ensure a level playing field. Drivers will start from different grid positions as well as racing against different opponents in each Heat.

Additionally, competitors will drive a different kart each time out. In this way no individual contender has an advantage over his/her competitor – every driver is in the same position. Points are awarded according to the finishing positions in each Heat. Drivers with equal points at the end of the Heats will have their overall ranking decided by their best lap time throughout the event.

Pre-Final (6.5 km)

At the conclusion of the Heats, the lower-ranking drivers (determined by the accumulation of points scored during the Heats), are eliminated from the event whereas the higher-ranking drivers qualify to race in a 6.5 km Pre-Final (International Circuit 4 laps; Club Circuit 7 laps; Indy Circuit 9 laps).

Points scored by drivers in the Pre-Finals are added to their Heats points to produce a driver grand total and this decides who will progress through to the Grand Final.

Grand Final (9 km)

The Grand Final is run over a distance of 9 km (International Circuit 6 laps; Club Circuit 10 laps; Indy Circuit 12 laps) with the first 3 drivers across the finish line receiving top honours and a trophy on top of the podium.

[To add an extra dimension, teams can be assigned at the outset of the event and drivers then score points towards a team total as well as an individual total.]

Indy Circuit
indy circuit
Club Circuit
Club Circuit
International Circuit
Intl Circuit
AED 7,000 up to 20 DriversAED 7,000 up to 20 DriversAED 10,000 up to 25 Drivers
Extra Drivers AED 300 eachExtra Drivers AED 300 eachExtra Drivers AED 350 each
Maximum 50 DriversMaximum 50 DriversMaximum 100 Drivers

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